About the Indie Bestsellers Library

“Books by indie authors suck! They’re not as well-written, and their self-published books are sloppy, unedited, and not worth bothering with at all!”

Well that’s just ignorant. Or self-serving — it’s not like we haven’t seen some traditionally-published authors spouting off words to that effect.

Dumb. Considering the notion is so very easy to disprove.

Our Indie Bestsellers Library is one way to do that.

All we really do here is periodically pull out the books by indie authors that appear on Amazon’s Kindle bestseller lists (since Amazon mixes them all together… if it’s a top seller, kudos to Amazon for not giving a frack if it’s trad or indie and putting it on their lists alongside the usual hits from the big boys).

And as you can see in the Library, heck if you can tell them apart from the trads. You may even recognize a few authors if you’re an avid reader. (More on why in the FAQ below.)

I first started assembling a more modest, online library for my own personal use. Pandemic! A friend asked if I knew of a list of really good books by indie authors for her to get for her Kindle while we’re all in isolation. I gave her access to my private online library of indie bestsellers. She loved it, found it really useful,  and asked why don’t I just make the library public.

Me: “Well that’s a good idea. Why the heck not?”

So here we are.

Here are the five newest additions to the Library.

You can also browse the Library by genre (look right; links to the various genres are on the right margin of the site), or by author.

Cool huh?

We’ll be adding to the Library periodically. Since we like browsing through those books on Amazon, we’ll probably be doing this more often not. 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)